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Project Description

The C++ AMP Conformance Test Suite is a set of tests for testing a C++ AMP implementation. As such it is useful for compiler providers interested in implementing the C++ AMP open specification.

Tests include coverage for the compiler, library, and runtime portions. It is us a small subset of the complete test suite Microsoft used for its implementation of C++ AMP. While this test suite will be updated to increase its coverage of the C++ AMP open specification, the C++ AMP implementer will need additional testing to verify the complete set of C++ AMP functionality.

 Prerequisite Understanding

C++ AMP is an open specification, with an implementation from Microsoft in Visual Studio 2012.  This codeplex project, is targeted at compiler implementers interested in adding C++ AMP support on any platform.


This project is published to provide a collection of tests that may be used to seed testing efforts against an implementation of the C++ AMP Open Specification.  We'd also like to encourage feedback and to attract developers who would like to contribute to the test suite.  If interested, please read the attached docx file: External Contribution Guidelines.

Thank you for your interest in C++ AMP!

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